The Second Edition of Destiny Betrayed is a completely revised, rewritten, and expanded version of the book. It is largely based upon the files of the Assassination Records Review Board, which declassified over 2 million pages of documents on the Kennedy case. It is a revolutionary examination of President Kennedy’s foreign policy, how it broke with the past, and how it likely caused his assassination. It then chronicles the investigation of that murder by New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison in light of these declassified files. The book sheds much light on the effort by Washington to make sure Garrison would not succeed. It is the first book to make a sustained case for the role of former CIA Director Allen Dulles in the plot. Beautifully written, easily organized, fast paced, and well documented with over 2,000 footnotes, it is already being described by some as one of the best books ever published in the field.

Destiny Betrayed