Jesse Ventura, author of American Conspiracies

“If you thought you already knew everything there was to know about the Kennedy assassination, think again and read Jim DiEugenio’s Destiny Betrayed.”

Oliver Stone, film director, screenwriter, and producer

“A worthy and logical response to . . . those who would destroy Jim Garrison’s immense contribution to the truth.”

Vincent Salandria, advisor to Jim Garrison

“Jim, you have written extremely well on a subject that is enormously complex. As to be expected, your conclusions and mine are not always precisely congruent. But on a subject as complex and prolix as the Garrison investigation you have demonstrated the integrity, intelligence, work ethic and passion for the truth that gave birth to a work product which you can be rightly proud. You have produced the finest history of the desperate struggle of Jim Garrison to employ his public office as a public trust in unsuccessfully prosecuting Clay Shaw.

“When I first met Jim in New York, I told him that he would learn more about the power behind the killing of Kennedy from what would happen to smash his prosecutorial efforts than what he would learn through his investigation. Your explication in your book of the infiltration of Jim’s office by the CIA supports my prediction.

Thank you Jim for your fine work.”

Joseph Cannon, blogger, Cannonfire

“It’s not just the best book on the JFK assassination. You can’t understand post World War 2 America until you’ve read Destiny Betrayed.

Cyril Wecht, author of Cause of Death and former coroner of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

“Truly a masterful investigative analysis of the political intrigue and incredible machinations of powerful forces involved in the JFK assassination. Lee Harvey Oswald and Jim Garrison would have learned a great deal from this thoroughly researched book about how they were set up to look like the ‘bad guys’ so skillfully by JFK’s assassins.”

Jim Douglass, author of JFK and the Unspeakable

“In this revision of his classic work on Jim Garrison, Jim DiEugenio draws brilliantly on the gems from hundreds of thousands of new document released by the Assassination Records Review Board. It deserves to be read, studied, and scoured for its revelations into JFK’s murder. Jim Garrison was truly on the trail of the assassins in the crime of the century. DiEugenio, by insightfully mapping the plot’s Cold War background with new research, tells us why Garrison knew where he was going--and the truth he discovered for us all.”

Martin Hay, reviewer, essayist, and blogger on the JFK case

“It is the perfect example of what a JFK assassination book should be like: Acute, insightful, and meticulously documented. Jim does a masterful job of putting the assassination in its proper historical context. And his work on the Garrison probe is a tour de force that leaves the much-maligned DA’s detractors with no reasonable or rational comeback. This book is required reading for students of every level.”

Joseph E. Green, author of Dissenting Views

“DiEugenio’s new edition of Destiny Betrayed explores much astonishing new ground in this fifty-year-old case. Using the freshest available material, this is a masterwork of political analysis. Why study the Kennedy assassination? Because the reverberations of those fatal shots changed the course of history, as DiEugenio shows in tracing the change in policy that resulted from Kennedy’s death and the key clues that Jim Garrison upturned in his pursuit. Destiny Betrayed is a book that should lead to recalculation and revision not only by Kennedy researchers but by every historian of the period.”